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Soumak is a method of creating handmade rugs with raised patterns. This ancient weaving technique, which dates back to the 7th century B.C. It is still fashionable in parts of Iran and the Caucasus. In the soumak rug, the pattern's colored wefts are slanted to the horizontal, and changing the angle of the alternating rows creates V-shaped rows with parallel lines. On the back of the rug, the loose ends of the pattern yarns hang freely, forming a padding; this jagged back distinguishes it from the kilim, which is smooth on both sides. Repeating diamond and star medallions are common in soumak rugs, as are the ornate borders. Verneh and Sileh are two famous Soumak patterns.

There are many saddlebags from tribes - and even linens - woven from soumak. We have put together a sophisticated collection of Soumakh rugs to furnish your home with an essential complement.

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Carpet ID: 901740
Thickness approx.: 0.8-1cm
Age: new
Origin: Sirian
Pile: wool
Warp thread: wool
Manufacture: Hand-knotted/hand-woven
Also Known As: Soumakh
Knot Density: Approx. 185000 knots

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