Shiraz - Qashqai 8968759(120x79cm)

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Shiraz rugs are knotted from fine wool dyed with natural plant colors. They are coveted for their particularly high quality and their traditional design. Because of their high durability, the carpets are mostly used privately. Despite their very dense design of motifs, the carpets have a very satisfying and calming effect on the viewer due to the precise work of our experienced weavers. Classic colors for Qashqai carpets are deep reds and a dark blue.

Product details

Carpet ID: 8968759
Thickness approx .: 1cm-1.5cm
Age: approx. 40 years
Origin: South Persia
Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Production: Hand-knotted
Also known as: Qashqai, Shiraz
Knot density: approx. 99000 knots / sqm

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Note: Transport-related wrinkles, as you can partially see in the pictures, subside within a few days after the carpet is displayed.