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Sirjan carpet

Sirjan is one of the most important areas for the manufacture of carpets in Iran. A high proportion of the population there lives from carpet production. The areas around Kerman such as Sirjan are also popular in the carpet industry. Sirjan-seekers provide their wool on site and have their own designs made. Traditionally for these areas are designs with centrally placed medallions.

Product details

Carpet ID: 8968611

Thickness approx .: 1cm-1.5cm

Age: approx. 40 years

Origin: Kerman, Iran

Pile: Wool

Chain: Cotton

Production: Hand-knotted

Also known as: Sirjan

Knot density: approx. 138000 knots / sqm

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Note: Wrinkles caused by transport, as you can see in some of the images, subside within a few days of the carpet being displayed.