Soumakh (155x102cm)

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Soumakh carpets are characterized by their unique composition of flat-woven and thickly knotted sheep's wool. The result is a carpet that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers a special tactile user experience. With our Soumakh collection we offer traditional designs that add character to any home.

Product details

Carpet ID:  1123  
Thickness approx:  8mm
Age:  New
Origin:  India
Pile:  Handspun wool
Chain:  Wool
Manufacturing:  Hand knotted/hand woven
Also known as:  Soumakh
Knot density:  Approx. 185000 knots/sqm

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Note: Transport-related creases, some of which can be seen in the illustrations, settle within a few days of the carpet being displayed.

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