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Khorasan Carpet

Mashhad is the capital of Khorasan Province and is one of the largest cities in Iran. Every year millions of people make pilgrimages to this holy city. The Mashhad carpets, made from pure natural wool and knotted by hand, are known for their high-quality wool and unusual sizes.

The city of Mashad has a long and rich history in carpet making and is known for its excellent carpet quality and all imaginable sizes. The wool used for these carpets comes from Khorassan. It is considered to be one of the best wool qualities in the country. This makes Mashad carpets feel particularly soft.

Khorasan carpets are classic and very high-quality oriental carpets. They are made of pure natural fibers and are hand-knotted in Iran. One of their characteristics is that they have beautiful, delicate patterns.

Mashad carpets often resemble Keshan carpets in appearance. They share features such as a large central medallion in red and dark blue tones. These are often decorated with lighter floral patterns in a distinct purple hue.

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Carpet ID 8978600
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Khorasan, Iran






Hand knotted

Also known as

Khorasan , Meshad , Mashad

Knot density

Approx. 160000 knots/sqm

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