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Jajim are especially known for their unique color strength and quality. This is obtained through natural plant dyeing processes. Unlike our other rugs, Jajims are woven and not knotted.

This manufacturing process makes the Jajims very flat. This manufacturing process is also centuries old nomadic tradition. Nomads have used the finished woven carpets not only as floor decoration, but also, among other things, as wall decoration or as material to make tents.

Special processing methods and natural colors derived from plants give kilims a unique look.

Product Details

Carpet-ID: 8968668
Thickness ca: 0,5cm
Age: Approx 30 years
Origin: Fars, Persia
Pile: Handspun wool
Warp: Wool
Manufacture: Handwoven
Also known as: Kilim, Jajim Qashqai
Knotting Density: Woven

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